Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Man, it's quiet

And so the Infinite Jest ends; which is to say it doesn't. As the book came to a rather abrupt halt I found myself doing something eerily similar to those who have seen the Entertainment (it becomes funnier in light of our theory that the book is in fact a textual representation of the movie): I stopped for a second, thought, then turned it right back to the start and started reading again. That couldn't have been it, I must have missed something. Why's Hal like that in the beginning? How'd he meet Don Gately? Whatever happened to the DMZ and Pemulis?

I've been trying to compile at least a loose list of ways/ places the book talks about itself, but coming up surprisingly short:
Hal's The Emergence of Heroic Stasis in Braod$cast Entertainment (a few people mentioned Gately as the static hero mentioned at the end of the essay)
The note in the back about anticonfluentialism (the book itself could be very much seen as anticonfluential)


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