Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The end?

seriously, that's it?

that wasn't a satisfying ending at all.

What's with the ghosts?
What's with the incest?
What's with the Entertainment?
What's with the suicide?

Joelle VD says that JOI killed himself because he couldn't have alcohol anymore, but that's just stupid. I was expecting some sort of huge revelation at the end. Why did DFW end with Gately getting high with C and Fackleman? Why not end with something about the incandenza family? Why does Orin hate JOI so much? Whatever happened to Wardine and her daddy who don't treat her right? So Everyone knows about Avril's affairs (none of which are incestuous) and doesn't care? What did the short excerpt about the man trying to see his son have to do with anything? How does that email about the guy and the bricks fit into any of this? What exactly is The Entertainment and who burried it with JOI's body (if that was in fact where it was hidden)?

I saw the Hamlet reference where Hal asks why Hamlet doubts everything but the existence of the ghost, and that he may just be pretending to worry about everything. Hal doesn't worry about anything really, he doesn't care that his Mother is screwed up, he doesn't show any emotion towards his father's death (i think Hal says that he doesn't have anything inside of him at all), all he really cares about ever is in these last few pages when he wants to stop playing tennis and considers hurting himself to do it. He can't figure out whether he enjoys getting high or playing tennis more.

Maybe JOI killed himself because he was (as Hal suggests) just really bad at making movies and was detached from his family. It seems like there should be more but the stories just kind of end without any sort of closure. Why did Himself decide to have this one intimate moment with Orin rather than Hal or Mario? Why couldn't he "hear" Hal ever? Is this just because he is so distant from his children that he literally can't hear them?

I'm really upset and confused and have lots of questions that I really want answered tomorrow.

Hopefully after going through it in class everything will make a lot more sense.

Right now it just seems like the moral is that these characters' lives are terrible and screwed up, and they're just making it worse all the time.


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