Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blame Canada

Any thoughts on the JOI wraith, ya'll? I mean, his personality made sense. Why exactly did he kill himself, though? I mean, if I saw my son making the same mistakes I did, I wouldn't "eliminate my own map." I think.

Also, JOI provides an interesting contrast to Avril given her openness proclivity. Ah, the different forms of silence in the Incandeza family...

A snippet of thought on Canada/USA/objectivity/subjectivity: The AFR bit of Canada seems to, in an indirect way, represent objectivity whereas the USAers represent subjectivity. Like, the AFR proceeds with their plans regardless of harm to themselves. Their only objective, really, is retribution for those [explicative] USAers. They care, basically, about things other than themselves/their temples (i.e. they are Objective). The USAers, in contrast, stereotypically care only about themselves (i.e. are Subjective). Just a thought.

Odds and Ends:

* Anyone have something interesting to say about why anonymous is related to onan (pg. 797)?

* If your mother is your killer, who are the bad mothers? (pg. 850)


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