Thursday, May 03, 2007

When Men Were Men and So Were Drug-Addicted Biker Chicks

BS:OTS was a pretty intriguing film, IMO, and another instance of where we indirectly receive information about JOI through writings, narration, etc. If I could relate the purpose of the film to annularity... basically, JOI rants about how annular Ennet House etc. is a flawed cycle. The way it's supposed to work is nun A, saves nun B, who saves nun C... but somewhere along the way, this one nun DIDN'T get saved, which corrupts the entire cycle (it's annular). On the other hand, the film implies the nun is going to go to the muffler shop and sort of reform on her own (I think). Perhaps JOI's hope for himself? For all of JOI's work with annularity and creating it, all he really wants to do is get the heck out of it (which he does via suicide).

Wave Bye Bye to the Bureaucrat is also about breaking cycles...

I think it's interesting that Hal + JOI have basically the same problem and there's another sort of cycle seeing Hal come into EH.

It's also interesting that the narrator implies that EH isn't not a good place for really depressed people (who might kill themselves). Actually, it talks a lot about depression. Probably in connection with JOI?

It seems like none of the Incandezas can really talk to each other. Hal/Mario, Orin/Hal, Mario/the Moms (maybe not Hal/the Moms) all lapse into these weird little double monologues instead of dialogue. Is it just the parents? The two are sort of polar opposites. Both of them are very confusing with how they (truly) feel, but (so then and therefore, like) Avril does it by acting like she isn't whereas JOI tells absolutely nothing. If JOI represents annularity, what does Avril represent?

Let us congratulate ourselves on making some predictions:
a) MP's face not being all it's cracked up to be.
b) IJ being the Entertainment, JOI being the filmer
c) The AFR is looking for the Entertainment and are thus stalking Orin & co
d) Orin/Avril in an incestuous relationship (I think, the MIT lady mentions just "son"; it could be Hal. Please NOT Mario)
e) JVD/HoPD in an incestuous relationship (connotations thereof, rather)
f) JVD and DG are in loooooove!


This section actually answered a lot more than it made (for me). My big question, though, is
1) Does Avril REALLY love her boys? If so, why does she sort of act like she's compensating for NOT loving them?
2) Who's working for the AFR? Avril? Poutrincourt? J'NR'W?
3) Are random things showing up in random places because of the AFR or some other weird reason?

Odds and Ends:

* Why is Steeply bad with words ("Quandarical"...)? Isn't (s)he educated?
* DFW does his research or knows chemistry. He mentions Iron + Thiocyanate, which, actually, DOES react to form a red solution (Fe3+ + SCN- -> FeSCN2+)
* DFW adds in interesting social commentary about crime/criminals: "watching the two recede [PTK and RvC, during the purse-snatching], both seeming to be shrieking for help" (716).


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