Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lost. Misplaced.

The repetition Gately uses to describe his duties at ETA seems like a very good method of keeping someone off of an addiction and on task. At the same time, it resembles the way some of our favorite druggies use their drug use, with the same monotonous routines and actions, or even methods for getting off of their addictions like Erdedy’s method of curing himself of his smoking habit. Though much of this description is in the third person, it resembles the way Gately would describe his actions if he were describing them himself; it includes his observations about some of the tasks, like visiting the woman’s quarters, and also the diction seems to get more and more… frustrated, perhaps, with the mundane repetition of the tasks he must perform on night staff. For example, as he talks further about the ‘fucking mess’ made by McDade, in the kitchen, with the Krispie treats. We also see Gately in action, narrated by a less omnipresent persona, reacting to Joelle and Erdedy in a muddle of chaos, after hearing much about the bland repetition of his normal routine.

Marathe’s discussion with Steeply on the TV show MASH is another connection we see to our own culture, somewhat dating the conversation, and also relating to something we know to be a concrete idea, as opposed to some of the potential realities discussed.


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